Oracle eBusiness Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite supports today’s evolving business models, drives productivity, and meets the demands of the modern mobile user.

Business process management

Oracle Financials

  • Purchase invoices from entry to payment and tracking supplier balances
  • Fixed assets and wasting assets from addition to retirement and running fixed assets prognoses
  • General journal entries, financial reporting, budgeting, group consolidation
  • Cash reconciliation and cash flow prognoses
  • SEPA implementation

Under Financials Rocksoft has implemented:

  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Fixed Assets (FA)
  • Cash Management (CE)
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Order Management (OM)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • eBusiness Tax modules
  • Consolidation
  • Consignation
  • Automated month-end closing and reporting

Custom Solutions by Rocksoft:

  • R12 Customer Form: A forms-based solution that covers the web based standard customer page in R12.
  • Excise solution for excise calculation and reporting

Supply Chain and Logistics

Oracle'i laohaldus, tellimuste täitmine ja hanked

  • Items management, inventory controls, transactions, transfers, inventory movements, inventory replenishment, cycle counting, physical inventory, inventory valuation and costing (average, FIFO, LIFO, standard), inventory period close process to General Ledger reconciliation
  • Lot and serial control items
  • Replenishment using min-max and reorder point planning
  • Create and manage items, customers, payment terms, credit checking, sales orders and sales contracts.
  • Price lists management, price list qualifiers, modifiers and pricing formulas for custom pricing
  • Order import from 3rd party systems
  • Shipping execution, pick release, ship confirm routines in warehouse and printing of shipping documents
  • Recording cost of goods sold (COGS) and sales revenue
  • Create and manage items, suppliers, requisitions, purchase orders, request for quotations, quotations, and receipts 
  • Apply and use document security, routing and approval methods, as well as how to automate the order creation process
  • Sourcing process (qualification, negotiation, evaluation), and establishing procurement contracts
  • Communicating purchase orders to suppliers (email, fax, print, etc.) and processing supplier responses to purchase orders
  • Purchasing accounting, foreign currency purchasing, accrual reconciliation and period close process
  • Matching supplier invoice with purchase order, and supplier payment

Under Financials Rocksoft has implemented:

  • Order Management (OM)
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Inventory –  laoseis
  • Costing –  kuluarvestus
  • WIP and BOM
  • Service Contracts
  • Install Base
  • iProcurement
  • Approvals Management
  • iSupplier

Project costing and billing

Oracle Project Costing

Oracle Project Costing provides an integrated cost management solution for all projects and activities within an enterprise. Project Costing also acts as a central repository of project plans and transactions, processes project costs, and creates corresponding accounting entries to satisfy corporate finance requirements.

  • Revenue and cost budgets
  • Administering real costs vs budgets versus managing budgets
  • Integration with project management software

Oracle Project Billing

Oracle Project Billing enables enterprises to simplify customer invoicing, streamline corporate cash flow, and measure the profitability of contract projects. Using configurable accounting rules, Oracle Project Billing extends Oracle Project Costing functionality by processing actual costs, creating corresponding accounting entries for revenue accrual to satisfy corporate finance requirements, and creating customer invoices for project work.

Personnel and Payroll

Employee information management: employment contracts, trainings, vacations, other information necessary for personnel management

Hubble Financial Reporting

Even with Business Intelligence solutions in place a good support for Operational Reporting is still missing and Finance Departments and others still very dependent on IT or external resources for their reporting needs. 

Hubble pakub eelintegreeritud aruandluslahendust, mis on loodud spetsiaalselt E-Business Suite'i jaoks, kus liiniettevõte saab aruandlusprotsessi osas olla isemajandav. Seda enam, kui tegemist on ad hoc aruannete ja analüüsidega. 

Meid muudab turul ainulaadseks asjaolu, et Hubble mõistab täielikult EBS-i aluseks olevate lahenduste andmemudelit ja turvalisust. See võimaldab Hubble'is tunni ajaga oma teavet ja andmeid esitada. Andmed esitatakse koos kõigi EBS-i tasemetega reaalajas ja süvitsi.

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